Quality and safety are our priority at Abdulwasiu Nigeria Limited. The two go hand in hand, to provide our clients with optimum results, while protecting our employee from avoidable hazards. We have strict rules and regulations that help us adhere to guidelines that we have set to provide unparalleled services.

It is our policy to operate as a reliable and client-oriented contractor to deliver products and services in accordance with the contract and in compliance with the applicable statutory requirements.

As quality, safety and environment awareness are the responsibility of each and every person at the Company, all personnel is suitably trained and guided by the Quality, Safety and Environment system that the Company operates within.

Each individual in-charge reports to his superior with detailed documentation of his or her department’s activities. The documentation is sectioned into three levels:

§ Quality Assurance Manual

§ Project Quality Plan

§ Project-Specific Procedures

The documentation is then properly distributed to the assigned parties within the Company and the client involved.

The ProjectQuality System the Company has developed, and maintains is designed to meet all requirements of the codes that are recognized in the international contracting industry. The statndard that Abdulwasiu Nigeria Limited has selected in this respect are; the International Standards ISO 9001 – 1987 and ISO 9004.